Disciplinary Literacy

What The Hunger Games Can Teach Us About Discipinary Literacy  (English, History, Math and Sceince)

Disciplinary Literacy: Adapt, Not Adopt (History, Science, English, Math)

Every Child, Every Day (General)

Disciplinary Literacy in the Arts

Disciplinary Literacy in Art and Design

Inferring with Norman Rockwell

Literacy and Art Education

Reading in the Mathematics Classroom

Reading and Writing to Learn in Mathematics

Making Metaphor Visible--Visual Literacy by Gloria Schultz Eastman

Speak Out! How Ekphrasis Inspires Writing on the Edge by Sira Grierson and Sarah Orme (Art and English Resource)

This page on the Edutopia site has great ideas for fostering student inquiry skills and bringing close reading and literacy skills into any content area.

The "Say Something" Protocol