Really Good Stuff

The Teaching Channel has a variety of helpful videos on a plethora of topics. There is something for everyone here, from content area support to organizational and management ideas.

A good place to start is the "New Teacher Survival Guide" series. The videos in this series include lesson planning, classroom management, technology, assessment, and parent-teacher conferences. Here a link to the video on lesson planning:

This video addresses how to regroup after a lesson fails:

Here is a great strategy for for engaging students who are reluctant to join in group discussions:

Classroom mangagement techniques are included in this very short video:

One of my favorite management tools includes the use of a timer, so this video makes me happy:

If you are in a one-to-one learning environment using iPads, this website may serve as a good resource:   Another webstie chock-full of interesting tech resources including Augmented Reality (AR) is

I love the idea of having students create a mini-TED talk as a summative assessment in any content area. The TED-Ed site may provide inspiration across content areas:

Edutopia has many valuable resources:

You just can't beat a good infographic, right? This one has 27 great ideas for new teachers, mentors and administrators:

Read this! Principles of Instruction: Research-Based Strategies That All Teachers Should Know by Barak Rosenshine

Think people are either Math or English? Au contraire!

Mindshift Blog: Could the Same Genes Shape Math Skills as Reading Ability?                           

This article was found in the English Journal, but has great ideas for differentiation in any content area.

Improve Reading with Complex Texts by Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey

This article has good suggestions for teachers of all content areas.

This chart contains questions corresponding to Bloom's Taxonomy. Use it daily to improve your questioning skills.